The place where I started part:I

The Reason

I remember that place, I remember it so vivid, every time I look at the reason why I am here…….

Once I was on my work, handling calls, and serving the customers, sometimes got bored other times so energetic, there were times when I cried so much that some of the customers asked me why you sad, are you crying, what is the wrong with your voice, all these questions asked when I cried from someone didn’t see my face, just hear my voice.

Although It just questions outpouring from others feeling empathy toward someone they don’t know, it kept me going. the feeling of someone always gets your back even If it is just A question over what’s wrong with you… It kept me alive and survive through the hard times …..

But there also where times when I got sick of them, shout at them, got so irritated and them so angry of me, No serving them right, It is their right to shout at me and me not shout at them. Yes their right to serve them what they want from me immediately.

And between those times I manage to live to survive to have a times when I feel relaxed and happy.

And then there were times that I had to convince myself it is the better place to start … It will be worthwhile and you gotta just do it for you to have a money and for your family…


Convincing Yourself!

I really had to make lots of effort just to convince myself that It is okay to be here and Look at your friends they all like you struggling to reach what they want exactly like you, I wasn’t alone at all, and then this feeling of loneliness strike again, Not from Not having someone to lean on to be with or friended, but from the what I drag myself into this cage and I could never go out again unless the end of the year, and I was bleeding so damn hard, No one could see what I was seeing, Nothing about the money Nothing about the class of the place I mean the place where I was working on …

see you Next time !


I have this blog for over 6 years and this my second time to write a post .

Dear WPers:

I am always afraid to write something others don’t like, I just want to make myself open to everything, to criticism and given instructions to right my wrong.

I won’t be able to post on a daily basis, but I’ll keep posting every now and then so others people could take a time to proofread my writings.

Hello WPers

The Start

Apparently, this is my First post So I won’t take much time for telling you what I am up to making this blog.

So I was like: okay, This is A really New things to me and I grabbed A paper and A pen, why? well, I just thought maybe If I jot down quickly what I’ll be doing here, I would never find it so hard to post and having time to see others’ posts.

Introducing myself!

Thought of Introducing myself but, Y’know what? It doesn’t matter as the bloggers always you get to know them from their contents of their posts. So It is A really Nice Idea to keep following them ( me included too by the way!) and get to know them from their posts.







 Let’s Start the Journey! 

 for you Have a nice Reading!

for me  have a Nice Blogging!