I have this blog for over 6 years and this my second time to write a post .

Dear WPers:

I am always afraid to write something others don’t like, I just want to make myself open to everything, to criticism and given instructions to right my wrong.

I won’t be able to post on a daily basis, but I’ll keep posting every now and then so others people could take a time to proofread my writings.


15 Replies to “I have this blog for over 6 years and this my second time to write a post .”

  1. Take out your fear, no one knows who you are, where you live and etc etc

    Plus even if they say anything, you have 2 options:

    1) Delete the comment before approving
    2) Take it positively, 99.99999% people will encourage you to write.

    And I will say the same thing, write what you want to write, I have blogs even mine one, putting crap from writing and subject prospective. But people encourage me to write.

    They see the message not the context.

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    1. thanks, maybe I won’t delete the comment, and just accept the fact that I am not alone on this earth and there might be a bunch of Ppl doesn’t love me or like the way I am. and that is clearly and simply describe us as An HUMANBEING! really appreciate what you said. thanks again!


      1. Seriously you have preoccupied perception, WordPress community is awesome, it’s been 7 years journey for me, and I have yet to find a negative comment on any post or at mine!

        Unless one crosses the limit!

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      2. That is wonderful, you seem so wise, thanks for the uplifting. I love the spirit you have! it made me feel likable! and 7 years is a really long and interesting journey keep up the good job! I hope to see you always here!


      3. People come and go, as you grow, it’s difficult to manage, unfortunately WP don’t have the option to keep favourite aside.

        So making such a promise is difficult to keep!

        Just add those as follower who you think it’s worthwhile or relating to your interest and not that since they have added you, you have to add as well.


  2. I thought I should encourage you to ventilate your thoughts, Rayan. No one is an island of knowledge. Those who will criticize your ideas end up helping you to make head way. I encourage you to ride on. Supporting you on the sidelines.


  3. Keep writing! In the 3 years, I have been blogging and I currently have 325 posts, I have never received a rude comment. I have received some construction criticism, which I am grateful for. You have the ability to delete unwanted comments.

    So have fun blogging and welcome!

    Thank you for following BrewNSpew.

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