Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.

GrandMa’s Gift

I remember one day my grandma gave me a little seed of plant, (can’t recall the plant name ) to sow it and I was so happy then because I want to have a big garden contains various different of plants, and I had to care for them every

single day, I pictured myself so vividly having this dream came true. I took the seed, sowed and every day I watered I never missed, but I noticed that the seed didn’t grow and I was taking care of it, So my mind began to play thoughts ( probably Lots of unrealistic and horrible ones )!

Troubling with Thoughts

I thought maybe the seed is dead, or maybe someone took it from here, or Oh the seed moved by itself to another place ( imagining seed has legs). or God doesn’t want this seed to be a plant or maybe the earth swallowed it and it never came back again, OMG there are lots of poor seeds down there need me to help them!  I got an imaginary mind back then.

I took a bold action right away grabbed an oar and begun to blow until  I reached the place where I put the seed, I found it was growing, it took a form of creating roots and it was like blooming, then I thought to myself I rushed, I stepped back regretted my behaviour toward the plant as if I was the reason of making her dead (actually I am the reason).

Why am I  telling you this

I looked at the calendar with horrible face and I cried (It’s September already)….what I have been scheduling this year to do it and I  counted the goals, I glanced at my notebook, looking for what I have been scheduling this year to do, and I  counted the goals I achieved and the goals didn’t achieve it yet and how much I progressed and how much time needs me to accomplish the rest of them, then I thought…okay Ray, are you getting better? I mean don’t look at those goals, but: at yourself, are you satisfied? Is this year made you found out who you are? explore more? regardless of what you achieved until now, do you feel the life in you? your values? changed? did you try something new? bold? challenging? have got new friends? are you align with what you want to be?

those questions and more I got to have to ask them to myself, I really enjoyed the answers, I interviewed myself and I felt a strange, awe and sizeableness voice came from nowhere asking questions and another strange strong voice replied with harmonizing, dignity and self-respect. I pictured two of them sitting on 2 black-legged stools on a giant glass square hovering over the air and it is all black.(I’ve got imaginary mind, btw)!

It’s blooming Inside! 

So I remembered my story with  the seed, and I recognized one extremely important thing, that every thing take time to bloom, even us as a human beings we develop and progress profoundly better through a series of choices, circumstances surround us, challenges,  and decisions we make, even when we fail, it does develop us.

So step by step we grow, it seems  boring process and makes no sense but when keep trying, when we try hard with patient, we progress deeply profound, the result doesn’t matter  at the time as long as we feel it deep inside we are making progressing, we are taking steps toward what we want and that what makes us great! what makes us a human being!

So my points are: 

  • do not worry If it seems like the End of the year is behind the door.
  • Take a deep breath and open your notebook.
  • try to ask yourself these questions and more depending on your personality and the goals you want to achieve
  • Set other goals with a timeline and break down the goals into small ones.
  • every week define yourself with the goals you set to achieve every week  ex: If you want to learn french, type on your notebook: you are a native French speaker. and start to figure out the steps take you to be native. so this week you gonna learn the basics, sign in on the class virtually or in person.and so on to other goals you have.
  • Don’t panic, If it seems like impossible, be flexible and commit to your goals.




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