Things I learned In 2017

I follow the same ritual every year for having a list of the things that I thought they are the most important things happened to be as lessons learned through 360 days.

But 2017 seemed to be different from the past years and I just figured out why.

Basically, when you try out lots of things regardless of the results whether they are positive or negative, that means you learned something. and from learning, we will improve, even though, if there’s a negative outcome.

2017 made me realized that if I didn’t try out lots of stuff, I wouldn’t have experienced the real taste of life, the life from the inside, the part that will never reveal itself unless you experience it.

If I would be summed up all the lessons I’ve learned through those 360 days into just three words would be ” Make yourself vulnerable”.

here is my list goes:

1/ time, time, time, time, time, don’t apply the law of abundance in time.

2/ Sometimes you don’t need to explain your behaviors as long as you know what it means.

3/ Never pay compliments to anyone.

4/Always pray Allah for the hidden and apparent blessings.

5/ always holding on to your stuff.

6/ Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

7/ Have a quality time with your family.

8/ Cleanse up the environment surrounded you from negativities.

9/ Don’t sell yourself for the sake of money.

10/ Be brave to say your opinion even though no one agrees with you.

11/ Be you.

12/ Don’t look back, because what is passed is gone.

13/ Don’t hesitate to ask for help.

14/ Learn something new every week.

15/ Thanks yourself for reaching this current stage in your life with you and appreciate her efforts for working in pursuing what you seek.

16/ Remember a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

17/ Crying is useful and does not mean that you are weak.

18/ Forgive and never blame anyone, be a good-natured face.

19/ Happiness comes from the inside.

20/Money does not mean everything.

21/ What you own now is the most important thing, so appreciate this

22/ Chance comes once and never repeats itself again, so be ready to receive it.

23/Remember this an empty hand has nothing to give, so start working on yourself first.

24/experience comes with practice.

25/Always take the initiative

26/Sometimes you have to regret to avoid repeating the same mistake once again.

27/Don’t rush into making any decision when you are in your worst situations.

28/Don’t feel sorry, sometimes some people take advantage of you at this point.

29/Wake up early to enjoy morning’s blessings

30/Help others with the simplest things.

31/Organize your stuff and your ideas in order to become easy to reach as the time you need them.

32/Seek aid from God even in the smallest things.

33/Listen to your inner voice.

34/Patience, patience, patience.

35/adhere to your principles.

36/Charge yourself spiritually and then face the world.

37/Don’t look at  the other’s bowl.

38/Sometimes you have to let go of an idea in order to make it work.

39/try to focus on one goal every year or two, chunk it up into small goals and achieve one of them every week, make your slogan always be“focusing” on just one goal, be skilled at it, and then start a new one related to the one that you achieved already, don’t rush the results, work with deliberation to get the result you seek. Be patience while you are learning, and work hard with persistency….. Remember this “Wishing never makes dreams come true but rather hard work is what you want to achieve them”.

40/One last thing……  Only one thing I guarantee is 100% to occur more than anything else in this world” Death”.



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